MF Fight League

Welcome to the MF Fight League 2024! Our brand new concept of real competitive girl-girl fighting. The first match to take place, during our live streaming event on Saturday, November 18th.

Each fight contains of 3 rounds of each 7 minutes, continued by a winner fucking the looser bonus round. You can find the match rules, at the bottom of the page.

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Concept & Rules – Season 1 – 2023/2024

Each fight contains of 3 regular rounds, and a bonus round, where the winner will have the opportunity to fuck the looser. A referee will be present and reward points. A fighter will have a win or a loss, added to both her overall and seasonal statistics, depending on the result of the fight. In the case of a draw after the 3 regular rounds, a 4th. round will take place. A potential 4th. round, will not be on time, but be fought until one of the fighters have scored one point.  The seasonal rankings, will be determined by the best win to loss ratio (average point per match). The top 4 fighters with a minimum of 6 fights, by the end of the season, will be invited to our live transmitted final 4. At the final 4, seasonal number 1 will face number 4, while number 2 goes up against number 3 in the semi-finals. The losers will then battle for 3rd. place, while the winners will go to the final. If a fighter qualified for the final 4 has retired, or for another reason do not wish to take part in the final 4, the spot will go to the fight next on the list.

We are fully aware that in the ideal scenario, all fighters would go up against each other one time during the season. This would be fairer, and we would avoid some fighters getting an easier seasonal program than others.  However, working with younger models, many are making changes to their lives. Some move away for studies, some are getting married, and some just work in the adult industry to temporarily make a living. With this in mind, we can be sure that some will choose to retire during the season, while a classic tournament structure will not be possible.

Weight classes

For this first “test season”, we have decided to go without weight classes. We understand, that in an ideal scenario, we would have most likely three weight classes. However, without knowing the interest, together with the much bigger work load finding models for all classes, we have decided to go just with one weight class, being up to 80kg (under 80,1 kg) for Season 1. The weight is determined pre-match, before the models first fight of the season. In theory a model would be able to weight in at 80kg., before her first fight, and then gain additional weight during the season, and still being able to complete the season.


A point is rewarded when a fighter taps out, no other types of points are rewarded. A fighter taps out, by knocking her hand towards the mat/floor, while saying tap/I tap or similar in Portuguese. It’s up to the referee to determine, when a fighter taps out. The point is rewarded by the referee and displayed on the scoreboard.


Round 1 to 3 last 7 minutes each, with Round 4 being 10 minutes long. The clock is managed by the referee, and is only stopped at un-natural breaks, such as injuries, or a fighter delaying start after a tap.

Match Rules

The rules of MF Fight is what best can be descriped, as simpyfied wrestling rules, with a few twistes. 

Each fighting round start with the fighters in neutral position, standing up facing each other. While each re-start after a tap, start with the figter that just tapped, being in the favorable “refereee position”.

Only wresling and pulling are allowed, no slapping. So a wrestles can make any graps, and pulls (such as hair pulling). It’s not allowed to slap, and also not allowed to block airways by hand (but allowed with other body parts). If a fighther breaks the rules, a warning will be given by the referee. 4 warnings, and the opponent will receive one point.  

Round 4 – The winner fuck the looser. It’s really up to the winner how this is performed. Can be everyting from pussy licking to strap-on, all as per the winners fantasy. No slapping or hard physical pain allowed. 


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